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Article 1: Overweight and getting bigger: U.S. obesity rates to mount by 2030
Recent studies state that “If American’s stick to their eating and exercise habits, future historians will look back on the early 21st century as a golden age of svelte.” (Svelte is used mainly as a compliment, whereas words like thin, scrawny and skinny could be used in negative connotations.) Current studies show that “Thirty five. Seven percent of grown-ups and sixteen. Nine percent of adolescent age two to nineteen is overweight, as the CDC announced previously this year. Type 2 diabetes and endometrial cancer are commonly linked to obesity. ( ). Data show that eighty percent of people with Type two diabetes, the most familiar form of the disease, are overweight. 2/3 of grown men and grown women in the United States diagnosed with Type two diabetes have a BMI of twenty-seven or higher, which is confined as obesity and harmful. ( Endometrial cancer is linked can’t be controlled or prevented. Endometrial cancer is connected to manageable danger issues. Being overweight is a recognized danger issue for multiple categories of cancer, and is supposed to reason for more than three % of any cancer cases in the U.S. Endometrial cancer is a sort of uterine cancer, it occurs for unknown reasons. (

Article 2: Tumors Maintain Increasing Even When Cells Get Older
According to the article it states that “Based on knowledge that cancer cells grow indefinitely, the general belief