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The article is straight to the point. The editorial that I read, “A Good
Compromise on Contraception,” was published on February 2 in the New York Times. The main point of the article is there was a compromise to the debate of contraception coverage, who would cover the cost, and who is exempt. Who would pay for the free contraception and which organizations would be exempt from paying? This topic is very hot right now and is one of the main debates with Obamacare. I was drawn to this article because its outcome affects me. As a working woman this would change my benefits from my job as well as from my healthcare. The editorial mentions the past battles of this issue with religious organizations. It lists how paying for contraceptives is in violation of the companies religious beliefs. Churches and other houses of worship are not required to follow the contraceptives proposal according to Obamacare, but what about institutions with religious affiliations? The definition of a religious employer was modified in the new improved proposal. Also, many hospitals, colleges, or universities employ hundreds of people with diverse views on the topic of contraception. The article focused on affiliations mainly towards the end. It listed that there is now a more detailed proposal for contraception coverage and listed who would pay for it and how they would go about it. Large affiliations with religious ties that pay their employees medical costs would just delegate to the companies…