Literature Review On Sales Management

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Summary This article deals with the new developments and trends in selling and sales management are creating demands and opportunities that require adaptation and new approaches on the part of both sales organizations and academic researchers and summarizes critical dimensions of change in the environment that affect the practice of selling and sales management . This article discusses several topics such as critical changes in thin the environment that affect the practice of selling and sales management, these developments and trends create demands and opportunities that require adaptation and new approaches, on the part of both organizations and academic researchers who would extend basic knowledge and bridge the gap between theory and practice. the article shows that external environment to the organization that affect selling and sales management, also the organizational adaptations to these external environmental influences, and how dynamism in the external environment and within the organization is bringing about e sales force.

Relevance to Sales Management The research in this article refers to although effective selling and sales management are often critical to marketing success, the stature of this research domain and progress of knowledge within it have fallen behind other areas. Keeping in pace with changing business trends is vital. Sales-focused firms have a duty to keep their sales personnel on-trend too. Offering sales training programs and sales management courses are one way for employers to concentrate on forthcoming changes in the business climate. Because of shifting technologies, developments and total innovations in the business world; sales organizations that stay with obsolete technologies or sales techniques may be left behind when it is time to make sales presentations. Variations in sales methods and the complete sales markets even develop the requirement for transformations in methodologies. Buyer demographics and globalized market fluctuations can often make past sales methods lose their earlier successful implications. Gearing up sales managers with the state- of- the-art technologies and information can be a business’ defense against losing ground in a shifting sales environment. In a sales climate impacted by ever-changing progress in products and services, sales techniques need to transform as well to sustain. Firms that offer sales training programs to their employees could assist them compete with changing selling skills and techniques. Keeping an advantage in the sales climate is essential for continued success. Sales personnel that are inspired with a confidence to make their sales presentations the most excellent in the industry will have greater success rates.
The article explains an important issue which is; ethical and legal environment can constrain the sales organization’s ability to effectively pursue certain marketing activities. my opinion is any company spread in different countries of the world and it is certain that these countries have a culture different from the existing culture in the United States, and on this basis, the ethics strategy must placed on the basis of a global ethics strategy, taking into account the ethics and the culture of that country, activities for the company wherever they operate, should generate economic benefits and an improved quality of life. In this way they can create long-term value for their customers. Their business performance depends on putting principles into practice for all areas of their business