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Jonathan Simonelli
Professor Haney
Intro to Psychology
Article review

1) What is the main conclusion(s) of the article?

The article Perceiving Shape from Shading by Vilayanur S. Ramachardran is about how the brain takes 2 dimensional images and then uses various cues and is able to determine depth. The brain analyzes things such as light sources, brightness, and mostly shading in order to determine depths, shapes, and other things in order to decipher and image. After conduction experiments researchers had found two conclusions. One conclusion is that in order to determine the shape of something based off of shading a person must view it in a large or full visual field. The second conclusion that researchers found is that the visual system perceives one light source and they hypothesize that this is because brains evolved in a solar system with one main light source, the sun.
2) Were the hypothesis and/or the conclusions supported by the results or articles present?
The hypothesis and conclusion in the article Perceiving Shapes from Shading by Vilayunar S. Ramachardan are both supported by the results of the experiments and research gathered. The brain requires shading and light in order to decipher an image. By using the shading and light the brain is able to figure out both the shape and depth of an object.
3) Do you agree or disagree with the researchers assertions? Why or why not?

After reading and reviewing the article Perceiving Shape from Shading I agree with the researcher’s assertions. The reasons that I agree with what the researchers ascertained is because of the experiments and data in