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Article Review II

The article I decided to review was an article on the Affordable Care Act, of referred to as Obamacare. The article states that the Supreme Court has decided to hear a new case in regards to specific subsidies.
When Congress first drafted the Affordable Care Act, the law required everyone purchase health insurance. Each state would then create a health care marketplace where residents could compare and choose the plan that best fit their budgets.
I myself could understand that for many Americans a new monthly insurance bill on top of your current bills could be a bit much. The federal government then offered subsidies (reduced monthly payments) to people who needed help.
Here is the bad news, after the Affordable Care Act passed, 36 states decided NOT to create their own health insurance exchanges. The residents had to buy coverage through a federal marketplace instead. Since the law doesn't mention subsidies for people who enrolled in plans through this federal system, that meant people from those 36 states would be shut out of the discounts.
The IRS thinks the subsidies should be for everyone, for now the IRS will still dole them out in every state. However, the case has made it all the way to the Supreme Court, but experts say there's a good chance the justices might disagree. This could leave millions of Americans struggling to afford to pay the bill.
I think this article directly relates to what we have been learning in class this week. We