Article Review On Information Technology

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Article Review

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Professor Fengmei Gong
BUS 510 Management of Information Technology

Chiu Ngok Lau

College of Business and Public Management
Department of Business Administration

March, 4, 2015

Article review
According to the article research, it has shown that a large number of information technology investments make economic competition, especially in traditional industries. And the main purpose of this article is that the relationship between information technology and the business competition is becoming more and more important.
However, information technology invests too much, and company ignores other competitive factors, which lead company to decrease the competitiveness, so if company wants to change the pattern of competition, they need to actively put some new competitiveness. Mentioned in the article, the company could use information technology to improve their management model. Then, through good management model, it improves the competitiveness of the company.
Secondly, the innovation could improve competitive advantage and also is an important means to change the competitive landscape. Of course, for the company, innovation is based on the information technology, because company wants to spread quickly, and accurately for new innovation, company should use the information technology.
After that, when the company competes in a digital process, they should deploy a unified platform for information technology. In the process, company should solve two deployment of the obstacle that is fragmentation and autonomy. Company could get some common data through this platform that support and implement standardized processes, thereby enhancing the competitiveness .Next, the company could use information technology of innovation to t improve the data analysis, and speed up the business process. Lastly, in terms of communication, information technology could spread from top to bottom or from bottom to top. In the company's decision-making process, it