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Article Summary – Group 3 (National)

Govt to create longer wait to become Canadian, strip citizenship from terrorists

The Government of Canada is deciding to improve on its Citizenship Act. On Thursday, February 06, 2014, the government had voted for the rules and procedures of obtaining a Canadian Citizenship to be tightened so that there is a way to filter out all the criminals and those who engage in terrorism. Also, Canada found that by tightening the rules and procedures, there would be a value to Canadian Citizenship and that it is something to be worked hard for. One of the new rules in place is that the Citizenship process will take much longer than usual and that you must show in some form, your physical presence in Canada. By this new rule, the Canadian government finds that they will be able to acquire new citizens that are hardworking, determined and ambitious about living in Canada and making Canada a better place. Also, Canada finds that there should be a standard language requirement put in place. Canadian government thinks that this idea is smart since it draws the more educated and intelligent people who want to come to Canada and make Canada grown more efficiently that it already is. Next, Canada will not tolerate those who have a background in criminal or terrorist activities becoming a Canadian Citizen. Canadian government finds that these people are not necessary for our country since they are no good to the countries growth and development yet are