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Social Media.
Most of us know social media is a tool used to help people communicate with one another; this type of technology seems to be changing the way we as humans interact with each other. There are many social networks that are supposed to encourage us to express ourselves. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Instagram are all networks with the same purpose, for us to stay in touch with friends and family and to give us the freedom to express ourselves. Usually on some of these networking sites you are able to create your own page that allows you to represent yourself and gives others a sense of who you are. Not only do these networks allow you to keep in touch with the people you already know but you also have a chance to meet new people.
In our generation, teenagers seem to be using more social media than others. Granted we all use it for the same reasons but it also has been proven that teens seem to gain popularity from the pictures that they post and comments they make which makes them thrive for it more. While we are constantly using these social networks it’s slowly decreasing the amount of human interaction we obtain because people are becoming too comfortable with living their life behind a computer screen and isolation is becoming more common. Even though everyone around the world uses social media, it should only be used as a tool. As humans; we need to socialize in order to function properly throughout our endeavors, social networking should not become our