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Megan Czepyha

When it comes to America, everyone is proud, cocky and so very positive. Never see a dull person walking the street of New York or Los Angeles. Every American sees themselves as a positive person, no matter what they’re doing with their life. In the article “The More Factor”, by Laurence Shames, he talks in his article how Americans are optimist and how they always want more. Laurence Shames has some really good points in his article that really stood out; like one would be that he flat out tells the reader from his first sentence that Americans are optimists. In another article from Barbara Elurenreich “Bright-Sided”, this article is about American’s positive outlooks on themselves. Barbara Elurenreich also says that American’s optimism can become reckless. The two claims I will be talking about is, first is how American’s have always been optimist, and second is how American’s sees themselves to be positive. I also did some interviews from three different people and got their inputs of how their lives are like. I’m going to write about the American optimist and the ways Americans sees themselves as positive people and I’m going to have two discussions about both. Starting off with the first claim American’s optimist and discussing

The first claim I want to talk about is that American’s have always been optimist. I do believe American’s are very optimist, when they get what they want they tend to want more of everything. Even when they get more they still want even more. Just by an example, kids these days are probably the worst, too date. These kids ask them parents to buy them stuff like a cell phone, video games, and cloths and even get the parents to give them money so the kids themselves can spend it on more things. I did an interview on a college student at Tarleton State University name Scott Sergeant and I asked him if he thought of himself to be optimist, with that he answer with a yes and gave me a reason that he sees the glass half-full. I also asked a friend from high school name Salvador Thomas, the same question and he also sees himself to be optimist. I then asked them both, Scott and Salvador if they wanted more as in financial needs. Scott responses to with a yes and also said that he don’t always like to settle for the lowest bidder. Salvador also said that he would want more financial needs because he was telling me that when he started school last fall that it was hard keeping up with the money he spent and he didn’t have much money coming in with his job he has. Clearly because Scott and Salvador both sees themselves to be optimist with the need to want more for themselves, but I think it’s a good thing. Wanted more for you is what make one a positive person. Do I see myself to be optimist, yes I do. I want more for myself and for everyone