Essay Article: Water Pollution and Anacostia River Toxics

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Pipkin,Whitney. “DC passes laws to improve Anacostia’s water quality.” Chesapeake Bay Journal 24.6 (2014): 15. Academic Journal. Print.
DC passes laws to improve Anacostia’s water quality In the District of Columbia, they have made up a four year plan to help detoxify the Anacostia River. The Anacostia River Toxics Remediation Act was passed at then end of June in 2014. They originally planned to be finished with the cleanup in the river by June 30, 2017 but they changed the date to make sure they everything that needed to be done, would get done. They agreed on a date of one year later; June 30, 2018.The group wants to make sure that the river is getting cleaned up and even has a process to which responsible parties or government agencies get paid to cleanup parts they helped pollute. Also, the DDOE brought forward a program that will sample the sediment and study the pollution water to assure that everything is cleaned up like it is supposed to be. Tetra Tech is who is in charge of the sampled sediment and polluted water. They also have to come up with a plan to help cleanup that will follow through with the detoxification. There are studies already that show there is up to twenty-six different types of toxics in the river and sediment. “Our approach to this is that we want to keep the process going forward until… then chosen plan gets funded and ultimately implanted.” they want it to be divided up into parties for the cleanup and also get paid for it. I think this