Essay on Articles of Confederation

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There are nine major factors that Articles of Confederation changed to the U.S. Constitution. Although the change created a weak central government, a unicameral, no executive branch and no federal court system it achieved peace treaty with Great Britain, develop territories for statehood and made department that became president’s cabinet. There were two major groups at that time: federalists and antifederalists. Federalists were loose constructionists and wealthy merchants who supported the constitution. On the other hand antifederalists were farmers and laborers with strict constructionists who wanted a Bill of Rights to protect the rights of individuals.
There was Constitutional convention which James Madison; father of constitution, wanted separation of powers to legislative, executive and judicial and check and balance each other’s powers. Also Bill of Rights was first ten amendments which protected civil liberties. It included basic rights and freedom that are guaranteed in freedom of speech and the right to privacy.
Civil rights made basic rights to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics in settings such as employment, education and housing. And Virginia Plan created a bicameral congress with an upper senate and lower house of representative houses. It also created an executive position to be chosen by the legislature and created a judiciary to be appointed by the legislative. Also, it favored the more populous states.