Articles of Confederation: American Revolution Essay

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Articles Of Confederation: American Revolution

Under the Articles of Confederation, the United States had many problems. Even though, the Constitution wanted to satisfy everyone, it divided the United States in two. This created the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The Federalists believed in a strong national government, whereas the Anti-federalists opposed a strong national government. The Articles of Confederation caused many issues for the United States. The Federalists scrutinies about the Articles were not exaggerated. The United States could not have survived if the Articles of Confederation had stayed in effect. The Northwest Ordinance was most notably one of the best achievements of the Articles. It let congress act more like a court of sovereignty than a legislature. The Constitutional Convention would be considered a second American Revolution because they were changing America into a more unified country. The United States had ongoing problems because of the Articles of Confederation. The Federalists did not embellish the Articles in anyway. One dilemma the Articles caused was because there was no judicial system so the government couldn’t enforce laws. Congress never had any money because the states refused to give them any. Consequential, Congress was not able to fund an army because none of the colonies agreed to pay their taxes. The States printed their own money and used it instead of the money the congress printed. States wouldn’t accept each others currency because no one could agree on a certain one. The Articles also caused the Untied States to not have a strong army because states could refuse to give money and/or troops. Since the Articles didn’t acquire any known type of leader [president] the states couldn't handle arguments among themselves because there was no one to help resolve issues. The problem with the Articles of Confederation was that it gave more power to the individual states. If the Articles of Confederation had stayed in effect, America might not have been as great as it is today. Congress control was very limited and they couldn’t get along with the people. This in the long run could have ruined America. Also, Congress lacked the power to control commerce under the Articles. With the Articles still staying in effect, there would be no unity among the people. Although, the Articles had set the Untied States free, it was not able to give them with a firm government.