Articles of Confederation and Mississippi Trading Rights Essay

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FRQ# 2
I. The Articles of Confederation was created by the second Continental Congress. The Articles of Confederation established an ineffective government. Weaknesses of the document were that the Congress couldn’t tax. Other two major problems were that none of the executives could carry out laws nor could federal courts settle disputes. Strengths of the Articles of Confederation were that it included the Revolutionary War with the Treaty of Paris of 1783, it kept states in contact with a national citizenship and settled western claims. A. Maryland demanded that U.S. government have full power on all western lands. The Land of Ordinance of 1783 stated that the government would auction western lands for at least 1 dollar an acre. This would benefit in paying off national debt. Townships and cities were set up into 6 square miles for public domain, one section equaled 640 acres. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 that Congress passed applied to the lands north of the Ohio River which was known as the Northwest Territory. Slavery determined by popular sovereignty in these territories. B. Shays rebellion was a situation where farmers led by Daniel Shay protested after taxes were raised to pay for Revolutionary debts. The combination of high taxes and depression led to farmers revolting. Resulting in an increase of tension between the North and South. The British did not leave their posts after the Revolutionary War due to developing the fur trade and improving relations with the Indian tribes. This showed Britain’s unwillingness to