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Sydney Family wins court case against KFC
A local father from Sydney has won a court battle against the fast food chain, after his daughter had salmonella poisoning from eating a KFC twister which left her with severe brain damage. The seven year old Monika Samaan’s family brought a multimillion-dollar compensation bid against KFC in the New South Wales Supreme Court. They claimed that the then seven year old became extremely ill after eating the chicken wrap in Sydney’s west 2005.
At first KFC denied the claim until Justice Stephen Rothman Found favour of the family in the NSW Supreme Court. KFC has vowed to appeal the ruling. In the restaurant’s statement they said the case was cleared tragic but they were “deeply disappointed and surprised” by Judge Rothman’s decision. KFC’s Australian chief corporate affairs officer Sally Glover stated they feel deeply for Monika but have to defend our reputation.
Monika’s father told the court during the four week trail in 2010 that he, his wife, son and Monika were ill with vomiting and diarrhoea after sharing the twister. The KFC’s lawyer argued that the family did not share a twister as there was no sales data to prove the family purchased it and the family did not tell anyone at the hospital, between October 27 and 29, that you had shared a KFC twister that Monday.
The family’s Barrister, confirmed evidence about KFC food practices that were ‘disturbing and unsettling’. He claimed even if the store was busy and some