Artifacts: Personal Computer and Larger Shrage Capavty Essays

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I was sworn into a fraternity at a school that I previously attended. While being a new member to this frat; I was giving the duty to update our technology department. My task was not an easy one to it you know. I had to choose a computer system for us to use without it affecting our mobility and our everyday lives. My choice was to compare and decide what type of device we would use from a Desktop, laptop, and a tablet. They all share some similarities but they are so different in many ways. My first option in no specific order is a regular desktop computer. A desktop computer is very bulky, but at the same time it is reliable. A desktop computer is capable to limiting the amount of users at any giving time. In this day in age having a desktop computer is considered ancient or what the youngsters may define as being old school. On of the advantages of having a desktop computer is because it is immobile. Meaning that normally there would be less damages to the computer. A desktop computer or computers would be great if we were trying to have something such as a computer lab or something of that nature. That’s not likely with the way the world has mordernized. While speaking to my peers about our current situation I got a little input about getting a desktop and none of it was posstive. For the most part everyone figured that desktop computers was old fashioned. It takes up space and a lot of energy. From my experience a