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Artificial Intelligence Terry Wooten INF: 103 Computer Literacy Instructor: Mortoza Abdullah July 15, 2013 What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the development of ways to make machines, computers, and robots to behave and function as humans, in order perform daily task or perform functions which may be harmful or dangerous to humans. To better understand how and when the concepts of artificial intelligence became a realization of creating ways for machines, computers, and robots to perform these task will be the topic of the research introduced by the researchers of artificial intelligence from its beginning to the present day. It is my hope, the research outlined in this paper will help in the understanding of “Artificial Intelligence” and the benefits it has on the world as a whole. In 1956 John McCarthy regarded as the father of artificial intelligence, organized a conference to help understand the concepts of machine intelligence. He invited researchers and those of interest to come to Vermont for “The Dartmouth summer research project on artificial intelligence.” From that time on McCarthy because of his knowledge of the research of this fascinating realm of machine intelligence, the term “Artificial Intelligence” would be used in all the aspects concerning the research and building of all the types of machines, computers, and robots which are used today in helping humans to do daily tasks. “In 1957, the first version of a new program The General Problem Solver (GPS) was tested. This program developed by the same researchers which developed the Logic Theorist. The GPS was an extension of Wiener’s feedback principle, and was capable of solving a greater extent of common sense problems. A few years after the GPS, IBM contracted a team to research artificial intelligence. Herbert Gelerneter spent three years working on a program for solving geometry theorems”. (Oracle ThinkQuest). While there was more programs being produced, John McCarthy was busy developing the major breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence history. It is important to note, that the first evidence of Artificial intelligence has been traced back to the Egyptians, and the development of the electronic computer in nineteen - forty-one, that this type of technology finally did become available. As a result the on-going research of Artificial Intelligence today, the use of such technology has become a major way of not only communicating, but also in the many fields of medical and scientific research. What is the role of robots played in the development of Artificial Intelligence? Author Boland, R. (2007), Developing Reasoning Robots for Today and Tomorrow, explains; “that scientist are working on projects for current deployment and preparing for future needs. Military artificial intelligence programs are making humans, not systems, the focus of their development efforts as they study methods to make tools easier to use. Programs are being focused on using artificial intelligence to free people for the more important tasks and incorporating automation to save lives. Programs are underway to deliver near-and long-term solutions to troops, and forecasters expect projects in several fields, including intelligence, to experience an increase in products and funding in the next several years”. This type of development in Artificial Intelligence will certainly help explore all the capabilities researchers have at developing robots to perform task which will give military, and medical surgeons the time to perform the task which are important in their daily lives. There are developments in the field of medical surgery which will also help to limit the times a surgeon will have to operate and make large incisions on patients which cause