Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Artificial Intelligence

I believe that artificial intelligence can go both ways on the scale of good and bad. Many people have their own beliefs and their own reasons to say that they’re for or against it. My personal experiences have leaded me to conclude that artificial intelligence is a great thing to have but it has its flaws. In the near distance future our bodies will one day combine with these machines to create a human/ machine hybrid also known as a cybernetic organism or cyborg for short.
With our bodies infused with these machines we can literally be immune to any disease, live longer, and do unimaginable things that we’ve never thought of. On the flip side, when evolution comes in play Charles Darwin stated “survival of the fittest.” In other words when evolution is active it means a dying of a species, you either adapt or you die. For example our distance relatives of the evolution of man the Neanderthals also known as cavemen, they’re completely wiped out because of evolution. Can you imagine a world with no more humans?
Artificial intelligence is good because intelligent robots can be programmed to reach earths nadirs. They can be used to dig for fuels. They can be used for mining purposes. The intelligence of these machines can be harnessed for exploring the depths of oceans. These machines serve humans so well especially where human intelligence has serious limitations.
Emotions that often intercept rational thinking of a human being are not a hindrance for artificial thinkers. Lacking the emotional side, robots can think logically and take the right decisions. Sentiments are associated with moods and that affect human efficiency. This is not the case with machines with artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence can be utilized in the completion of repetitive and time consuming tasks efficiently. Intelligent machines can be employed to do certain dangerous tasks. Machines equipped with artificial intelligence can be made thoughtfully planned towards the fulfillment of tasks and accordingly adjust their parameters such as their speed and time.
All good things have its bad. The first concern about artificial intelligence is its ethics and moral values. Is it ethically correct to create replicas of human beings? Do our moral values allow us to recreate intelligence? Intelligence is after all a gift of nature. It may not be right to install it into machine to make it work for our benefit!
The idea of machines replacing human beings sounds wonderful. It appears to save us from all the pain. But is it really that exciting? Concepts such as commitment and dedication in work bear no existence in the world of artificial intelligence.
Imagine robots working in hospitals. Do you picture them showing care and affection towards the patients? Imagine intelligent machines employed in creative fields. Do you think robots will excel in such fields? Thinking