Essay about Artist Edvard Munch vs. Oslo, Norway

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Artist Edvard Munch vs. Oslo, Norway In Norway, the Norwegian enjoy a growing economy (which has grown .7% in the third quarter); have lots of oil money, and famous art. In the city of Oslo, art is huge. Edvard Munch the famous artist who painted “The Scream” (which is one of the four versions of his most famous works) has a 50 – year old museum that holds thousands of his own work. One of his remarkable works was sold to London, England in May for nearly $120 million which made a public auction record. The museum holds two out of four of Munch’s “scream”. The Norwegian people of Oslo want better lighting and sophisticated climate control to safely display artwork. The thing is that the museum where Munch’s precious masterpieces “Scream” and “Madonna” were stolen, but were later recovered. To prevent this type of thing from happening, upgrades for the museum often come from foreign sources like from Japanese company. Edvard Munch was born in 1863 and made 26,000 sketches, lithographs, writings, and paintings while he was in hiding from the Nazis and he died four years after World War II. Much of Munch’s artwork is in the basement of the Munch museum. The people of Oslo want a better place for Munch’s work, so they packed the Oslo streets one day and demanded the city council members to get a better place for Munch’s work other than a basement. Today the old Munch museum still stands, and is visited by 150,000 people a year. The debate of the Munch museum goes on between…