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I have always felt art to be a gateway to a special place, somewhere, where I can be myself and express whatever emotions I am carrying. I think art mean more to me then I realize. I do not think I could see myself not doing it. I love the feeling you get when your pencil or brush hits the paper, or when you are creating something amazing in Photoshop. I love the feeling of satisfaction and love when u complete a composition and it look amazing, the feeling of being proud and confident of yourself for creating something special and unique. I have always known that I wanted to create and do something with art, I always find myself doodling or coming up with new ideas for different pieces. My friends always ask do you want to play sports and I would say sure, you play and I will draw you playing. I think that with art u need to keep an open mind and not be too precious of your work, because there is always room for improve and to expand on different ideas. You need to be open and willing when it comes to art, and I believe I have really improved in that part of it, not taking offence to something someone says and really expanding on what they have to say. Art to me is something tangible something that u can always go in and fix and play around with it, it should be something you enjoy doing three hundred and sixty five days of the year, and something you do not get sick of. For me it is a passion something to be proud of, art is creating new and interesting ideas and