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Global History

ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE RENAISSANCE By the sixteenth century, the Renaissance had spread throughout Europe, impacting literature, science, philosophy, religion, politics, and art. However, the Renaissance initial started in Italy with people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who studied many types of art.
Many people consider leonardo da Vinci to be the best of the Renaissance Man”—someone whose intellectual achievements and interests span a wide variety of fields in art, science, and literature. Along with Leonardo da Vinci other Renaissance figures such as Michelangelo, and many other well known figures are considered to have the qualities and characteristics of a classic Renaissance man, who made many contributions to the renaissance.
Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy in April 1452. He lived during a period of Italian history commonly referred to as the 'High Renaissance' period. In 1483 Leonardo moved to the northern Italian city of Milan. Milan was also where Leonardo painted the 'Last Supper', one of his better­known artworks. A few years after this, Leonardo returned to Florence and painted his most famous work Mona Lisa. Leonardo also contributed to the renaissance in terms of his understanding of the human body and medicine, Leonardo was more advanced than doctors of his time, they believed diseases were magical or were caused by an angry god. Leonardo had also sketched bones, joints, muscles, veins, capillaries and nerves in fine and accurate details.
Leonardo filled many notebooks with these drawings and illustrations and was also the first person to