ARTS 100 Week Two Architecture Scavenger Hunt Essay

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ARTS 100 Week Two
Architecture Scavenger Hunt

What Have You Learned: write down vocabulary words that apply to each architectural creation

Test Your Skills
1. Gaudi Home in Barcelona, SPAIN ans: post, lintel, symmetry, look like arches but not true arches

2. Chenonceau Chateau, FRANCE Ans: arches, symmetry, line, grandeur

3. Amboise Chateau, Amboise, FRANCE Ans: post, lintel, grandeur, there appear to be arches but not sure if they are for support or aesthetics.

4. Chambord Chateau, FRANCE Ans: Arches, Column, Line, Symmetry, grandeur

5. Pantheon, Rome, ITALY Ans: Column, post, lintel, arch, symmetry
Now your turn ...

In pairs, (not 3's, not 4's), research some unusual architecture structures. Your job is to find one example in each of the following categories: Type in the "link" to your finding, insert a photo of the construction, answer the questions. POST in one partner's Assignment TAB with both names at the top.

1. FIND an example of architecture that has been built to 'blend' in with nature or its surroundings. What is its functionality with respect to nature?

The Yellow Treehouse restaurant in New Zealand, is built obviously for its unique aesthetics, however it blends with the environment around it and does not appear to disturb the beauty of the surrounding forest. 2. FIND an example of architecture that promotes 'protection' and how does your example serve this functionality?

Herstmonceaux Castle in East Sussex, United Kingdom was built for protection of its occupants. There is a moat surrounding the castle, which only leaves one way in. The high towers serve as great lookout points, and give those in the tower the “drop” on their enemy. 3. FIND an example of architecture that promotes 'saving resources' ... one that is designed for climate control (inside/outside), uses materials that are more energy efficient. Describe the savings of electricity, water usage, materials on the framing, etc.

“The Worlds Greenest Home” in San Francisco, CA. The home was built using many recycled materials, reducing the need to use natural resources. It also features a wind turbine system which generates and stores electricity and a solar water heating system. The layout…