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Josh Tan

Tim Milner, Introduction to Christian Thought

February 25th, 2015

Arts and Media
A. Overview
1. “Unbroken”, a movie produced and directed by “Angelina Jolie”, and based on the
2010 non-fiction book written by “Laura Hillenbrand”, was published in 2014 December 25.
This movie has spoken a hearing breaking tale of survival and preserving through the darkest of times. Unbroken, a movie that can greatly impact our belief and yet it is a motivation movie to encourage people nowadays not to give up easily. This movie is available in countless places online, but one location is at

2. The name of the movie did not draw much attention from me, but the only thing that drew me a lot of attention was this movie was directed by Angelina Jolie. She expanded her career by directing and producing the wartime dramas “ In the Land of Blood and Honey” and
“Unbroken”. Unbroken, this movie probably is my favourite movie now. This movie has actually inspired me a lot by the main character (Louis Zamperini) who never gave up on his own life even though he had faced so many difficulties, struggles, tortures, and starvation. I personally love a quote from the movie, “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory”. This quote gives me strength and motivation to do what I think is hard to accomplish.
3. This movie was both well reviewed, and well received. It won 10 rewards and was nominated for an additional 26 others. Yet, Unbroken has set a record for the third biggest

Christmas debut. People from all around liked this movie as well, but some people are disappointed of not getting the whole story, not just from a religious point of view but also from a film-goers perspective, was pronounced.
4. This movie is not originally from a book, it is actually based on true story. In my opinion, people will still enjoy this movie for many years after, because it is a motivation and religious movie that gives people hopes and strengths.
B. Analysis
1. While this is not a fully christian movie, it still has plenty of christian’s views and good values. In a certain scene of unbroken, the main character praised to the God “ If you get me through this, answer my prayer, I swear I will dedicate my whole life to you, I will do whatever you want, please.” He believed in God while he was facing the storm in the middle of sea with no hope, but only God. There is a selflessness that is seen in numerous characters, as the main character rather to torture by Japanese than seeing his friends get beat up. They shared food while they were hopeless and helpless in the middle of the sea for 47 days.
2. There is no real opposition to biblical values, but if there were any it would be the main character teased his friend while his friend was praying. But that is not truly key in the overall message of the story. In the end, the main character accomplished what he has promised
God if he got through the huge storm safely. The sort itself is not opposing to the message that the Bible present.
3. If I could ask Angelina Jolie any questions, as she said that this story has inspired her and changed her belief, I would love to ask her what has inspired her about her own life. She would most likely speak about what she has been through so many years. Another thing I would

ask her is what is the biggest success in this movie. She may response the biggest success of this movie would be the movie itself is doing better than expected. This movie has taken down several awards and was nominated for a lot of awards. Yet, everyone worked so hard together to accomplish a movie, it is just like everyone chasing a same goal to present the best for everyone.
One last thing that I would ask her would be what she personally thinks about Louis Zamperini.
She would most likely say he has changed my life after i have heard about his story. I love him, and everyone too, he is such a brave and tough person.