Artwork Portrayal Essay

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Titian was the first artist to explore the potential of oil paint in his paintings with some of the most famous artworks in the world including Nymph and Shepherd, Allegory Of Prudence, Venus of Urbino.
The Venus Of Urbino was painted in 1538 by Titian using oil paint which he was well known for his use of it.
Venus of Urbino was painted for the Duke of Urbino representing the allegory of marriage showing the duties the womens she would have to attent to to forfill her husbands demands.
Her light skin tone in contrary to the glooming backround enforces the eroticism in the painting.
The name of the painting represents Venus 'the goddess of Love' giving the women a soft and delicate essence as she is staring at the viewer of the painting who can not resist the temptation to fall in love with it.
Titians inspiration for this painting payed as a tribute to his friend and mentor Giorgione, who painted a similar painting , The Sleeping Venus.

Manets Painting intensily results from the strong contrasts of colours, the flattening of forms and his use of black which gave the painting great depth and meaning.
Manets 'Olympia' was painted in 1863 with oil paint which was a version of Titians 'Venus of Urbino' but with much differnt meaning.
The painting astonished and shocked audiences not because of the nudity but for the reason that the woman in the painting was a prostitute even though most men used protititutes they did not want to be confronted by one in a gallery.