As A Manipulative Dumbledore

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Since I ended up having little time (or little access to the internet or both) I'm going to reply to all the reviews here instead of doing it individually after all this time has gone by!

Vaughn Tyler (Chapter 5) Generally, I'm not really fond of people "telling" me what to write, but I do love discussing about possibilities and opinions. So, even if it's been a long time since you reviewed, I'm going to reply :)

As for the thing about Molly Weasley forgetting the platform number... I like both a manipulative Dumbledore (with the Weasleys being in on it or not) and one that's just good and I've seen plenty of good explanations why she's asking for the number... The interpretion just always depends on the angle from which you're looking at it. Although I'm not sure anymore which one I took, I hope that I tried to mention both possible motives :)

When it comes to the second book (whenever I will reach that) ­ I never quite saw it as her going "soft", but that it simply showed a different aspect of her character. One were she's able to understand her students and what they're feeling even if most of the time she seems detached in a bid to remain neutral. Even though I'm not a teacher, I can imagine that this can be a very difficult task.

Fuyutaro son (Chapter 5) Thanks :) I took time to consider which combination wasn't done yet and would give me a more unique angle since it is kind of difficult not to just have them say what everybody's already had them saying :)

Even though I've had a long break between chapters now, I never intended to just stop since I know how annoying it is if they stop right in the middle. That was part of the reason (once I realised I was once again a month or two behind my mental schedule) why I decided to finish the entire story before posting a new chapter... unfortunatly my replying to reviews was even worse... fan­freak121 (Chapter 6)

Thanks! I'm glad I could find a new angle for this kind of fic :) Since the chapters are already posted, I hope you liked my take on how the teachers would react. I'm hoping to write a sequel were they act on what they learned and after the "real" first year is over have them read the next book and so on. I hope I can find a good rythm for it once things settle down for me.

Thanks for the good luck :) It helped rather well and by now I've finished university and have started working (which didn't really help my writing, especially since I didn't immediatly found a place to stay)!

PurpleBullet (Chapter 6) Yes, it certainly is my plan to have them change things after finishing the book and then, after the year they read about is over, they continue with the next book (being cautioned that their changes won't appear in the book). I'm hoping to write them in separate stories, so people who don't generally like to read the "Characters read HP" fics might still enjoy the aftermath so to speak :)

kaijean81 (Chapter 6) Thanks :)

I'm not very fond of fics that change the books, especially not if they're adding "evidence" of the abuse Harry had to suffer, so I wasn't planning on changing anything. So even if they receive the books after the "changed" year is over, I planned on adding a reminder that the book continues of where the previous one stopped without taking their changes into account. (Then again, I'm also very picky when I come upon stories of this type when Harry is forced to
"admit" that Dudley's birthday is in say April just to lengthen the time in the cupboard...) So you don't have to worry about that :)

GreatOuse (Chapter 7) Thanks :)

I tried to have Snape as his usual self, but a bit more relaxed since he isn't around students
(or "dunderheads" as he thinks of them ;)). After all, most of those present did teach him while he was at Hogwarts :)

Lily1992 (Chapter 7) I didn't plan to bring Dumbledore