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AS English Literature – what the examiners want to see!
Aa – How does the writer tell the story in chap x/write about the narrative methods used in chap x * In 30mins, you wouldn’t be expected to write more than 2 sides, covering perhaps 3 -5 key points * You don’t need to write separately on language, form and structure – they do overlap, and for some texts one might be more important than another * “Structure” might briefly refer to how the chapter relates to text as a whole, but should focus on chapter prescribed – don’t forget obvious points like “from the start..”, “this is repeated later”, “at the end..” One excellent answer concluded by a summary of what the candidate called “the chapter’s journey”. * This is an open text exam, and this Q focuses on AO2, so there should be plenty of close reference to the text. * Use the technical terms you feel comfortable with – the important thing is that you understand the concept, and how its use shapes meaning. “Flashback” works just as well as “analepsis”! * Some points to consider in Gatsby might be the narrative voice; use of symbolism; use of dialogue; use of setting; order in which events are told. Try to group ideas together, rather than looking at “micropoints”. Don’t omit basic points such as use of pathetic fallacy, colour, cars etc when discussing symbolism. * You aren’t expected to write about every narrative method in 30 minutes! Select key points carefully, and you will get credit for what you do say.

Ab - How far do you agree that this text is .. * This question invites you to give your opinion on one idea about a text. By arguing your case, you are automatically covering AO3 ( considering different interpretations of text). You can argue for or against or both – but do at least consider the idea that is suggested. * You don’t need to quote critics. * AO1 is assessed in this Q, so your argument needs to be clear, and quotes from text should be accurate. * There may be some link to the Aa Q, so don’t worry about repeating some material if it’s relevant. * The Q will suggest relevant contextual understanding (AO4), but “context” should arise out of the text itself and not be “bolted on”. The principal examiner has complained about students who insist on writing about the American Dream when it isn’t relevant to the Q! * Again, there’s a limit to what you can…