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As it is in Heaven - DPI

Script The script focuses on Daniel a world renowned music conductor who suffers a heart attack causing him to remove himself from the music world and revert back to his small swedish hometown. The people of his hometown did not know that Daniel had once resided there because he moved away shortly before his mother’s death to escape bullying at the age of seven. What the town did know however is Daniel’s amazing musical abilities so they coerce him into eventually becoming the church’s cantor. Through this role Daniel is ultimately able to fulfill his goal of making music that opens people’s hearts. One of my favorite scenes was a bit random but one of the older members of the choir states to another that he had loved her since elementary school. It was through this scene and the long glare that occurred between Lena, a young vibrant beauty of the choir, and Daniel that you can see Daniel is afraid to love. It was little small interjections like these within the storyline that made the movie even grander.

Actors/ Casting The acting was phenomenal. There were so many different personalities throughout the film and it felt so authenticate to the script to have each one playing there role. My favorite was Lena because she was a bit misunderstood to me for a while during the film. But as her character developed I started to see she was more then just a sexual being.

Editing and Camera Work The camera work and editing for this film was pretty well done. There were two scenes in particular that built great suspense. The first was when we were lead to believe that Daniel had passed away because of the way the scenes were edited. The second was the very ending in which there can be some speculation that Daniel died after fulfilling his dreams but it was not made entirely certain.

Music Music was obviously a very important factor within the movie. My favorite piece composed by Daniel was the one he made for Gabriella about how life is short so we need to live our best life now. I think Daniel might have wrote the song for himself as well. It was played at the end of the movie in which the viewer was left unsure about whether or not Daniel was dead. I kind of lending to the fact that Daniel had completed his goal of creating music that opened peoples hearts.…