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AS we know, the knowledge of our strengths can contribute to our successes.After finished the almost200 questions research on Strengths finder website,the report lists my top five strengths and analyzes these positive issues, including Input, Context, Intellection
, Communication and Relater. I did the research very hurry but the results are very accurate. I think these five topics are quiet fit with me, especially the first one. However, there still are some significant questions; for example, How will my knowledge of my strengths contribute to my success at SUNY Plattsburgh and beyond? How will I utilize my strengths to be successful in each of the learning areas? Which strengths do I think will be most useful and why? Now I am going to conclude each topic one by one, and try to answer these questions on my own opinions.
Accordingto the results of report, the first strength of mine is Input. The definition of Input on the report is “People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.”That is the man who I am. I a m a person who would like to read a lot of books, website pages and ma gazines to looking for the information what I amvery interesting in.
Besides that, I will note the knowledge what I found and save them as Mi crosoft World files or picture to let me could find them out easier next time. I still use this information to help my friends or use as evidence in academic debate. But I also have problems in find out information when I need, that is a weakness for me. Input or collecting is definitely one of my strengths.
The second strength of mine is Context.It means that “People who are especially talented in the Context theme enjoy thinking about the past.
understand the present by researching its history.”
There is no doubt that I am so interested in the knowledge regarding to

wars, military and history areas since I was a child. Especially when others children paid their attention on animation, toys at the same ages.
Even today, most university students are interested in pop music, fast food and sport stars. The military technology development and weapons using skill or tactics still are the objects what I keep focus on. T he weakness for me in this area is I cannot use the history knowledge to foresee the