The Importance Of A Teenage Mother

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As you know teen parents are frowned upon in society today, but why? That only means that they have to mature faster and be able to become responsible of themselves earlier than expected. I myself am one of those girls who is a teen mother. It was one of the hardest choices I had to ever make. Simply because I just turned 17, figured out I was pregnant and 2 more years of high school to complete.
My friends tell me they admire me, not because I have a baby at 18 but because I finished high school (early actually), I walked across that stage and got my diploma, I work full time, and go to college full time. My days are constant running. I decided to keep my daughter because I could not kill a living being, not even if I have too. My pregnancy was different than you hear versus normal people. I had just turned 17 and my fiancé and I was so scared to tell anyone. I waited till I was 4 months pregnant to tell anyone, including my own mom and my fiancé’s mom.
People at school was gossiping if I was pregnant or just getting fat, a lot of people I told I was gaining weight, I finally decided once I told my parents and Dylan’s that I would tell my friends. I had a lot of negative feedback, and some positive, but through all of it I stuck it out and held my head high. Dylan always told me when I was upset because some said I was a bad name, and someone had had enough nerve to say right behind me that I would have a mentally retarded baby for being pregnant in high school.
At one of my Ultrasound’s for Sophie they were very quiet and were whispering doctor to doctor and I asked what seems to be the problem and they told me that they could not find a part of her brain that it seemed to be missing. So we asked what we were supposed to do, I mean being young, and pregnant, not to mention not being married, we were nervous already. So we were sent over to Martha Jefferson, in which they discovered that she indeed was missing her bridge to the 2 hemispheres. At the last one, it was in early July 2012 and they said it was beigining to come together, it was a very awesome news.
Two weeks or so later, I woke up feeling not so well, I was having menstaul like cramps and I wasn’t sure what it was, so when my mom got home from church I had her take me to the hospital. The drive to Harrisonburg seemed like we were going in slow motion. We got to the hospital and with me being pregnant they took me back immediately. At first they told me it was only my thighs were overworked and I needed rest and when my OBGYN came in to check my dilation I was 7 centimeters dilated. From that point I called Dylan and he didn’t answer, I hen called everyone in his family telling them to get Dylan here that Sophie would be here any minute.
Around 8 p.m. , my doctor came in with an epidural, they asked if I was for sure I wanted one and at this time I was still only having minor cramping for contractions. I said yes to the doctor so they proceeded to go on with the epidural, it was the most agonizing pain I ever felt. I could feel the anesthetic rush down my leg every last inch. As soon as it was over I said I was ready to get this over with. Around 9 I was completely ready to have her, at 9:06 p.m. Sophie Grace was born weighing only 5 pounds. She was not breathing right and was in need to be in the nursery overnight. I got to hold her for a minute and hear that beautiful cry for the first time then they rushed her off.
After labor I was still numb and not feeling 100% so we rested until 1 a.m., that was when we were able to go in the nursery and see Sophie, she was all bundled up and was hooked up to an IV. When 1 rolled around and the nurse was not there and Dylan was asleep I went out of the room rolling my IV behind me and went to the desk where I proceeded to question the nurses on why they had not came yet to get us. She was out of her seat very fast and rolled me in a wheelchair in which I despised using. She was breathing too fast and if I were to