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Fall Research Paper
Modern Issue: Females limited in the military
Issue 1: loss of women’s potential to traditional domestic roles pursue challenges men never face
Issue 2: limited opportunities due to sex
Issue 3: encourage women to pursue own personal genius; pursue talents and interests for future
Issue 4: economic security – stress education
Issue 5: physical and psychological limitations

Limitations based on physical, gender, and pursue their own personal genius

In the extended essay A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, she utilizes a feminist criticism to lament the loss of women’s potential, traditional domestic roles, and segregation in a patriarchal sochyiety, which runs parallel to the limitations that women face in the military
“but it would not have been politically correct for Angie’s detractors to publicly criticize her strictly for her gender. It was more acceptable to note that she was not a combat veteran and to question her ability to oversee the training of male recruits who would almost certainly deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan within a year” (37)
“Some of her former male peers perceived that Angie’s opportunities and successes came at a cost to their own career advancement” (37)
“But the good looking recruiter in his flawless uniform represented something to Angie that she wanted for herself” (38).
“the retired general had written an opinion piece in the Evening Tribune, offering a solution for making the Marines a leaner