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The language of John Smith’s The Generall Historie is historically important in order to understanding the culture and hardship of the time, but is confusing and hard to follow. Here are some bulleted facts that should help you with this lesson and assessment:
· The colonists were unprepared for their long journey across the ocean and the conditions of a seemingly unpopulated land. The men of “means”, well off and not used to labor or survival, struggled with living off the land. If it weren’t for John Smith doing more than his share, and showing them how to construct lodging, they would have been without shelter.
· The leader of Jamestown, Virginia, called the “President”, took better care of himself than any of his charges. He was always well fed when others were going hungry. Not a very good leader. The colonists got rid of that “President” and put Radcliffe in his place.
· While out exploring one day John Smith and his exploration party were attacked by “savages”. All were killed except for John Smith. Remaining strong and not lashing out or cowering in fear, John Smith won their admiration and was brought to Powhatan, their Emperor.
· Powhatan’s daughter Pocahontas saved John Smith from death during a stoning ceremony. The Emperor decided to show John Smith how to make survival items. After a few days, Powhatan said that they were now friends, gave him the name of his son, Nantaquod, and wanted him to return with two canons.
· John Smith was returned to