Essay about Ash and Dust

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I sat in the ashes looking at what was once my home. A home that I had lived in for my entire life, now; it was just dust and ash. My family, house, neighbors and everything that I had ever known to love, gone just like that. I now had nothing, no family, friends, or home.
One week, it’s been one week since I have been sitting in the spot where I used to sleep in a warm cozy bed every night. This is all way too much right now, I don’t have anyone, I occasionally see a random person young, old, and in between walking by looking for loved ones. I don’t know how to cope with all of this, all that I have eaten has been scraps that I find from our fridge that’s now torn to shreds. I can tell that I am getting sick from the old warm molded food, and not having enough water. I’ve slowly started to wander away from my house. The other day I walked down the street where my best friend lived, that was a bad idea. There was nobody in sight, they had all been killed, how was all this bad happening so fast and to me? I miss everyone so much this is all so hard. I tried to walk down by my school, but the street wasn’t even visible with all the debris.
I can’t bring myself to do anything but sit here at this point. Everyone I see that walks by asks for food, I can’t even look them in the eyes, I simply just shake my head and wait for them to leave, before slowly looking up wishing they would just stay and talk to me. It’s to the point where I just wish that I would have had my