Computer Literacy-The Impact Of Mobile Computing

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Computer literacy-The impact of mobile computing
INF 103
Bonita Spight-Williams
September 8, 2014

Mobile computing is growing at an extremely rapid rate and you can see it everywhere you go. You are probably doing it yourself multiple times a day and don’t even realize it. Phones, laptops, tablets, cloud storage and wireless networks that we use everyday are just a few elements of mobile computing. A survey listed by Bowles states that 26% of smartphone users makes them feel like they are being more productive than without them. (Bowles 2013) I can remember taking typing class in high school and now almost every school in America issues tablets to their students.

In order to fully discuss mobile computing we first have to
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It just happens to be way to convenient to stay in my recliner. When I visit a page on my phone that doesn’t look right or load properly I simply just go back and hit the next link down in the Google search results. These days if a business or company hasn’t taken the time to develop a mobile site then maybe they are behind on other customer related items as well so I just choose not to go back to that page. According to Newton a company should focus first on what it is the needs or wants to accomplish on the site.

Mobile users want you to give them that sense that you want them to stay and be their customer. (Newton 2008) When I am out and about with my family almost everyone I see has his or her face buried in their phone. In a restaurant, at the gas station, in church and even while driving! Folks are using social media to constantly update statuses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and several other social media sites. Its almost like the smartphone has taken over our lives. Bohyun (2013) has said “The smartphones seem to have conquered our downtime by offering multiple things to do no matter where we are.” (a mobile site that I will go back to) says that the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. That sounds like an almost outrageous number of times to look at a phone but when I think