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Teen Pregnancy What can or has been done to help the level of rates of teen pregnancy before and now? The level of rates became extremely horrific starting from the 1900’s. Teen pregnancy became a fad apparently because it seemed like everybody was getting pregnant. “90 percent of all teen pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted.” (page 39 Jane Claypool Miner) “Pregnancy is closely related to social and economic issues, including educational attainment of teen mothers and their children, poverty lifetime income disparity for teen parents and overall child well-being.” (No Author) There are so many alternatives that they could do. A few examples would be going through with the pregnancy and keeping it, giving it up for adoption, or getting an abortion. The pregnancy ages c came to be very young when it all started. “The youngest girl ever to have a child was five years old,” but the oldest teenager would be nineteen years old. (Barbara and David P. Mikkelson) “The age most girls get pregnant of as a teenager is fifteen.” ( ) “In the United States, we have the highest teen pregnancy rate of the western industrialized world.” (No Author) “Teen pregnancy is nine times higher than the majority of other developed nations.” (No Author) “Japan’s rate is eight times lower, Germany and France combined are four times lower, and the United States has twice as any rates then Canada.” (No Author) That is a big difference. There are many ways that it is caused and how it can be stopped and or maintained. Thankfully the percentage of teen pregnancy rates have decreased. “A five year old girl named Lina Medina was pregnant and gave birth in May of 1939. She had regular menstrual cycles since the age of three. They came to find out that she had a hormonal disorder of the pituitary gland. No one to this day knows who the father of her child was because so many guys went through her life. They overruled her father because there was a lack of evidence. She was “molested” since on a completely subconscious, instinctual level.” (Barbara and David P. Mikkelson) Having a child that young is unbearable. “The most pregnancy rates happened in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and the 1980’s.” (No Author) Back then, there were sexual protections that you could use. Condoms were around way into the forties or so. “Fifteen to nineteen year olds have a total of 1,002,370 pregnancies in 1984.” (No Author) During the 1900’s, were the most active teenagers. Through just that calculation, a lot of teenagers did not know what the consequences of doing what they did. “In 1985, the total pregnancies are 1,000,110.” (No Author) It has decreased a lot since 1984. Going down 2,260 pregnancies is an amazing thing because of the simple fact that it was extremely high. “Between 1986 and 1991, it was increasing steadily.” (Nations Health) With it still happening and it becoming worse, there was nothing being done to stop this like there should have been. Thankfully some parents wanted their kids not to have kids because “the birth rate for fifteen to seventeen year olds declined two percent from 1991 to 1992. It stayed unchanged in 1993 at three to four percent of births out of 1,000.”( ) Even though the rate went down two percent, it still decreased in 1993. “It declined four percent from 1991-1993.” (Nation’s Health) “In the year 1993 the birth rate was still higher than twenty years ago.” (Nation’s Health) That means that whenever birth control was not even out yet, they still controlled getting pregnant. That shows there were a lot of inexperienced teenagers having sex and should not be. Finally, in 2002, it is “750,000 pregnancies every year” according to Danielle Atwood- an enow contributor. (No Author) “After the high decline for fourteen straight years, the teen birth rate has increased five percent since 2005.” (No Author) Throughout those fourteen years, the teenagers still have not learned anything. Jumping to 2009, “there…