Pharmacy Vs Registered Nurse

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When choosing a career a pharmacist and registered nurse have a lot to offer but they have many differences such as benefits, income, and the education requirements you must obtain to have the occupation. Nursing school (BSN) and pharmacy school are not the same. Pharmacy is a doctorate program and a BSN is a bachelor's. Most, but not all, people that get into pharmacy school have an undergrad degree in chemistry, biology, etc.. Pharmacy school is getting very competitive and it will not be long until an undergrad degree will be required! I don't think for a nursing program you have to take organic chem, physics, and calculus. The salary for a pharmacist is more than a nurse. I think it depends on where you work and how much you work. Pharmacist make 90 to 120 depending on where you work. Nurses's can make a lot more than that but again I think it depends on where and how much you work. As an RN you have the opportunity to get a masters to treat patients and prescribe medication. Pharmacist will never be able to prescribe medecines even with a doctorate degree. Most nursing jobs have many different types of job benefits. These benefits are excellent and probably some of the best you might see for any type of profession. Ultimately though these benefits will depend on where you are working whether it is a hospital, clinic, or school. Medical, dental and life insurance. Whether you need immediate health coverage, an affordable option for your family, or would like