Class And Health HW Assignment

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Class and Health HW Assignment
In the first article called “Life on $7.25 an hour”, it describes the life of Eduardo Shoy and how he has 2 full time jobs as a delivery man for KFC/ Pizza hut ($7.25 an hour) and a forklift operator at JFK Airport ($13 hour). The article mentions that he leaves his job at KFC at 6pm, and returns hope for only a 4 hour nap, until he has to leave at 10pm for his second job at the Airport from 11pm to 7:30 am. So basically Mr. Shoy would only sleep for 13 hours a week, and work for 44 hours. I think that this is very unhealthy for anyone, especially a middle aged man. And not having this much sleep can lead to a higher risk of chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. The article also mentions that because his wife tore a ligament at her job as a waitress, he was forced to sell his home that he bought for his family for more than $500,000 in queens. Having to go through this much stress could have a huge toll on the body; it can also cause heart problems, high blood pressure and headaches.
The second article “The New Face of Hunger”, describes the lives of two residents from Iowa and Texas. Both of these people have very similar stories in that they are both highly dependent of SNAP benefits. The differences between them are that one is a stay at home mom and her husband is the only breadwinner of the family. And the other mother is a single mom and has a full-time job as a home health aide and only earns $7.75 an hour. For the woman living in Iowa, she struggles to put food on the table and is also highly dependable on food drives. This kind of living could also have a lot of stress on the body and can cause depression. For the other mother living in Texas, she struggles in finding the time to provide a healthy meal at home for her son.