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Title: Testing to see if different colored marbles are made of different substances

Investigative question: Are the different colored marbles made of different substances?

Background: * 4 different colored marbles * Some were transparent * Most were pretty bouncy

Hypothesis: “I believe that each differently colored marble is made of a different substance”

Materials and methods: First, filled fill the beaker with water, and recorded it at the meniscus. Then took 3 of the first color of marble, which was blue, and dropped it in the beaker to measure its volume. Once the volume was measured the same 3 marbles were dried off and taken to the scale to measure the mass. After that the mass was divided by volume to find the density. Once that were finished the water was dumped and the beaker was refilled and those steps were repeated with all the different colored marbles.


MARBLE COLOR | MASS | INITIALVOLUME | FINALVOLUME | FINAL –INITIAL | DENSITY | Blue | 19.2g | 78.95mL | 86.1mL | 7.2mL | 2.7g/mL | Clear | 19.5g | 81.5mL | 89.4mL | 7.9mL | 2.5g/mL | Black | 18.9g | 89.9mL | 97.1mL | 7.2mL | 2.6g/mL | Yellow | 18.5g | 73mL | 80.8mL | 7.8mL | 2.8g/mL |

Analysis: Each of the colored marble had a different density. The blue marble’s density was 2.7g/mL, the clear marble’s density was 2.5g/mL, the black marble’s density was 2.6 g/mL, and the yellow marble’s density was 2.8 g/mL.

Conclusion: The data supported my hypothesis…