Ashton Crow Research Speech Reflection Essay

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Ashton Crow

Research Speech Reflection

1. My Goals: My goals for this speech were to provide enough information to be able to stay in the speech time frame, give my audience a clear explanation of how Halloween was founded, and for them to understand the true meaning of Halloween when they go out and celebrate this year. I definitely reached my time frame goal because I even went over the time that I was supposed to, which is not a good thing. But it is not as bad as being under my time limit. Next speech I will not drag out my points as long as I did on this one.

2. Content and Delivery: I believe that I had plenty enough information to keep the audience listening and involved. But I also believe that I had too much information on uninteresting topics in my speech because I lost eye contact with some of the audience. But on the other points of the speech I had reactions, “awhs”, “oh no’s”, etc. I had many verbal, dramatic, and physical responses to the content in my speech from my audience. I connected easily with my audience because Halloween is a very popular holiday and is easy to use examples that relate to my listeners. My delivery was smooth on this speech. Much more than last time. My nerves were gone and I could speak easily because I had dealt with that audience before.

3. Weak Speech Areas: My weak areas were, but are not limited to, my time management, over explaining two points, and repetition. First off, my speech was two minutes over the time limit and I know that was what made my audience die out at the end. Secondly, I over explained the most uninteresting point of my speech and lost my audience’s attention at the “boring” part. And I had repetition, at least twice that I know of. In my speech I could recall repeating two