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Ashton Najarian
7th Period
Ms. Buchanan
4 April 2013

Jekyll and Hyde Reimagined The play Jekyll and Hyde that was put on by Fairmont High School was an interesting reworking of the classic novella Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. While the meat of the play rested in the integrity of the original novella, it incorporated a diabolical love triangle to give even more depth to the story. Though there were a few uncomfortable moments and cheap gags thrown in to garner laughs from the audience, the play held throughout its duration as a fresh look at a story written in 1886. Through most of the play, the story stuck closely to its original inspiration. However, very early on, two love interests are added to thicken the plot, Emma Carew and Lucy Harris. Jekyll was scheduled to marry Emma Carew when the consuming of the potion and a chance visit to a downtown brothel bring him to meeting Lucy. These additions to the story were quite off-putting at first (especially because of the painfully long, uncomfortable, and drawn out dance sequence the audience has to endure before meeting Lucy), but over time both characters developed well and when the play ended turned out to be likeable. Besides this one very large addition to the storyline, the rest of the play remained faithful to the novella. For the most part, the play was very tasteful. It had great special effects, wonderful acting especially from Jekyll/Hyde, and great costume and set design. Adding in Lucy and Emma to thicken the plot was a bold move, but in the end was a good choice. There were some bad choices made though. Lucy was introduced to the audience through the