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Hello my name is Matthew and I am going to talk about the very diverse and fluent culture and geography of Japan. The two main languages spoken in Japan are Japanese and
English. Japanese is spoken by an estimated 122 million people and is studied by around 1 million people in Japan. The food in Japan is very odd compared to the food of America, but is widely seen throughout the world. The first type of food in Japan is rice. The rice dishes include the rice bowl, which is a bowl of heated rice commonly eaten with every meal including breakfast, donburi, which is a bowl of rice that has other foods on top of it (most commonly served at specialty restaurants). The second type of food in Japan is seafood. The primary seafood dish in Japan is sashimi or sushi. Sashimi is raw seafood usually eaten with wasabi or soy sauce. The third and final type of food in Japan is noodles. Noodle dishes include Soba which are native Japanese noodles made of buckwheat flour or a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour. The clothing in Japan is commonly very formal. The Kimono and Happi are two of the main clothing options in Japan however you may commonly see the Hakama being worn.
Entertainment in japan is very localized. The Japanese entertainment industry is one of the world's largest and most innovative, and besides the culture and language , various forms of
Japanese entertainment have become internationally popular. Anime and Karaoke are two of the main entertainment types that the world knows about, but there are many more like Amusement
Parks and Hot springs, to name a few. The religion in Japan is usually only mentioned when in a wedding, funeral, or special event. The primary religion in Japan is shintoism, but buddhism a strong second religion. Many people actually consider themselves practicing both. There are two main types of family in Japan. The agricultural family which is a multi generational family that lives and participates in working on the land. The second type is the industrial age family which is where the father works and the mother stays at home with the two kids. The customs and
Traditions are very much related to the entertainment in Japan. One main custom is Hanetsuki which is japanese badminton. A tradition in Japan is Cormorant fishing which is fishing using
Cormorants. A cormorant is a bird that is trained and sent to fly over the water and catch fish in its beak. The arts in Japan are very widely known and practiced throughout the World. The three main arts you’ve probably heard of that originated in Japan are Origami, Pottery, and
Calligraphy. The population in Japan is 126.7 million and the GDP is 4.6 trillion.