Essay on Asian: Agriculture Is the Main Reason for Immigration

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The causes and reasons that you mentioned for immigration to the United States were interesting. Agriculture was mainly the most important reason that basically led to immigration from Asian countries. People in Asia mainly cared for agriculture and it was a major source to make a living. For example, the Xhinning County didn’t have a god agriculture production; therefore, immigration had to take place and people moved in search of jobs and a better economy to live in.
Reply to Jennifer Gill,
I liked the way you discussed the similarities and differences of Asian and European Immigrations. People mainly migrate so they can improve their lives. Europeans and Asians moved to the US mainly to better their lives and to find better jobs and opportunities. You made an interesting point when you talked about European Immigrants especially Irish women that come to the US in search of marriage.

Reply to Heather Ryan,
I agree with your post and with your reasoning behind what the causes of immigration are. I also agree that discrimination was a very big factor that Europeans and Asians had to face. They were both discriminated against and they were both seen as foreigners or outsiders. However, I believe that Asians had to face discrimination more than Europeans did.
Reply to Kacy Weinzierl,
The quote “a desperate flight from impoverishment” made total sense to the reasoning behind the Asian immigration. Chen, as you said, emphasized the logic behind immigration