Asian American Womanhood Essay

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In the story of A Personal View of Asian American Womanhood by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, who describes the life of an Asian-American woman by giving her mother’s personal story. Her mother was a leadership who was hard worker, comforter, integrity, and last but not least she never confused her tasks with her dignity. She believed the chores and duties as a wife’s and mother’s jobs. Back in time of the mid-18th century, the social injustices in terms of race had not change which many colored people had to face difficulty. The small amount of jobs and pays effected many colored people especially women. Women were being against on the jobs and human rights; they basically stayed home and taking care of family, and maintain the house whole wages. As things got changed, women started to work at other people’s house to boost the family income. My most admirable person is my mother because her personal traits are the same as Jeanne’s mother. She always telling me that working in low positions don’t related to your dignity or race, and don’t underestimated my self-esteem. She told that she used to work every morning to make sweet plums and be ready to send to the store; she believed that her education wasn’t intelligent enough to work in higher positions but not because of being Chinese. She explained to me that education is the most important in the world and it doesn’t matter what ethnicity we are. She learned those words from my grandmother, who worked at someone’s house as a maid. Her mother used to remind her not to look down on herself, and now she becomes a successful leader that guided to my right paths. She is like my best friend who I can talk all about my social life. In my childhood,