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Discuss how the need for control over foreign operations varies with the strategy and distinctive competencies of a company? Write a short one page essay, in response to the question. Please write here in the submission box. Don't sent it via email, because when I have to assess the assignments, your response doesn't appears.

Control over foreign operations varies with the strategy and distinctive competencies of a company for various reasons. If your strategy is to partner or joint venture with another company you need control because of the risks involved. Also there are disadvantages and advantages to choosing this strategy. Unfortunately there are always risks involved in partnering or joint venturing because you don't know what your partners end goal or objective may be. An example of a disadvantage of partnering is that there is a possibility that your partners intentions are not on the same page with yours and they may be looking to take advantage of your technology or managerial know how and this is detrimental to your company. In order to prevent this from happening well drafted agreements need to be prepared specifying the role of each company. There are also advantages to choosing this strategy as well, in fact there are more advantages than disadvantages. For example, when partnering with another company you share the costs and the risks involved as well as bring together the skills and assets of each company respectively. Also partnerships make it easier to enter into a foreign market and because they join their skills they set standards for their industry. But as we learned in this unit the most important