ASL sign language Essay examples

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I can’t hear you! Things changed as soon as the first period bell rang, and I started my day off as a deaf high school student! As I walked the hallways with the most uncomfortable earplugs EVER, but they were a cute lime green! I heard people from all over the hallways calling my name, the feeling of not being able to answer back hurt more than the earplugs ever could! I also had to struggle with not being able to join in on all of the gossip that always takes place in the morning . My friends were absolutely NO help at all instead of trying to help them all made a game of trying to make me talk to them; they also tried to see which one I would talk to first, pathetic. Another thing that I really didn’t think was cool and didn’t appreciate was getting made fun of. I guess I was being ignorant by thinking that I wasn’t going to be made fun of! Like why am I an exception when people do that kind of ignorant behavior ALL the time! Lunch was the worst part of my whole deaf experience not being able to talk to my best friend, was pure torture but I did have a white board thank GOD! In my English class I felt really ignored since everybody got bored of trying to make me talk they just left me alone witch was good in a way, but at the same time I felt really left out! I would have to say some of the benefits of being deaf for the day did not have to hear my teachers ask me to stop talking. And not having to stop in the hallways in between classes, it was also a good