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Journal Entries Chapter 1: Gene Forrester, the narrator of the story, returns to the Devon School in New Hampshire, fifteen years after being a student there.
He takes note on the school looking so museum like and decides to visit two spots on campus that he associates closely with the fear he had when he was a studen there, in the 1940's , around the time of World War Two. The marble staircase being the first one and the big tree next to the river on campus. From there he goes into a flash back of his sixteen year old self and start the entire story from there.

Chapter 2:
This is the chapter where sixteen year old Gene starts to let his envious attitude towards his best friend, Finny, show through. Almost right from the bat we see Gene having a little bit of jealousy directed towards Finny. He even admits the presence of jealousy once in start of the book. He believes it is a normal thing for one to be a little jealous of his or her best friend and that it is only natural. Later in the first chapter Mr. Prud'homme comes into Finny and Genes room to punish them for their absence at dinner the night before.
Finny starts talking to him and he gets a little sidetracked and leaves happy and without punishing the boys. That is when Gene admits his envious feelings toward Finny.

Chapter 2:
Mr. Patch-withers hosts a little party for students and staff to celebrate the start of the summer session. Finny and Gene talk with
Mr. Patch-withers and Mrs. Patch-withers about the bombings in Europe when Mr. Patch-withers sees what Finny has on for a belt.
Finny has mistaken the school tie for a belt but makes it seem like he did it purposely and gives an explanation for it. He talks his way out of trouble once again and for one tiny moment Gene finds himself wishing Finny wouldn't have gotten away with it this time. As quickly as the thought came, though, he pushed it away and fell back into the friendly zone with Finny.

Chapter 2:
After Finny and Gene leave the party they swim in the river a little bit and Finny asks Gene if he is still afraid of the tree. Gene answers no and from there they come up with the idea of the "Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session". Gene almost falls from the tree but Finny catches him just in time and it occurs later to Gene that Finny may have saved his life.

Chapter 3:
Gene feels he doesn't owe Finny any gratitude because if it weren't for him Gene wouldn't have been up in the tree in the first place.
That night Finny recruits six other boys to be in the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session and the group gets a good start. Finny starts a set of rules and makes them all up. Finny and Gene have to jump out of the tree every meeting the group has, which just so happens to be every night.

Chapter 3:
Finny, who loves sports, invents a sport called Blitzball when he becomes bored with all the Summer Session sports. The game has no real winner so it is every man for himself. The game gets pretty popular around the school and pretty soon the whole school is playing it every day.

Chapter 3:
Gene and Finny were at the school swimming pool alone one day and they were just playing around. In the midst of all the fun Finny spots a plaque of school records that have yet to be beaten. He decides he would try to beat one and has Gene time it. He beats it on his first try but sadly he and Gene were the only people in the pool. Finny refuses to re do the lap in the pool and makes Gene promise he won't tell anyone. Gene promises but is confused as to why Finny doesn't want it getting around that he beat a school record. Chapter 3:
Gene and Finny take a spontaneus trip to the beach, upon Finnys instruction. There Finny tells Gene that he is truly his best friend. Gene starts to say the same but decides against it.

Chapter 4:
After he and Finny get back from the beach, Gene heads straight to a Geometry test. Which he fails from the lack of stuying he did, due to