Asperger: Learning and Formal Education Essay

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1. How would you define Asperger’s syndrome? I would define Asperger as a syndrome in which a person can get from birth that can be defined as a mental disability that is a form of autism. Asperger is a syndrome which causes developmental issues that can affect the social wellbeing and communication of a person till the end of their life.
How can you interact and include people with AS?
I believe interacting with a person with AS should be almost the same way you interact with someone who doesn’t have the syndrome depending on your role in the person’s life, and the age of the person who has AS. If the person with AS has a special interest in which she or he likes to talk about, bringing it up as a conversation starter will be the easiest way to communicate and talking in a slower paste and explaining topics more clearly can help the understanding of someone who has AS. Also learning that people who have AS can have the tendency to say things that are not appropriate, getting too close, speaking louder and not understanding certain humor is normal and should be understandable. Being aware is the most important thing to do with anyone who has or knows someone with this syndrome.

2. Why is the change to adulthood important? The change from adolescence to adulthood is important because he or she is not dependent on the family of origin no more and can strive on their own for survival which helps in the future when the family of origin exists no longer and he or she becomes self-reliant to build their own family and future with a career.

3. What marks your change to adulthood?
I believe something that personally marks my…