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Asperger Syndrome In an average year, 1 in 88 children under the age of 8 will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ( These children all range on a different level of the spectrum for low to high functioning. A common high functioning autism know as Asperger Syndrome affects many of these children. Aspergers is more likely to be seen in males than females (, but can still affect any gender. Asperger Syndrome, commonly known simply as AS, is characterized by several traits: poor social interactions, obsessions, odd speech patterns and other peculiar mannerisms ( Many children who are diagnosed with AS are able to function properly in society, however they are more than likely to for a bond with a teacher or adult than with other students or children. Other children will be more than likely to ignore the autistic child, and teachers may or may not give him/her the treatment that they need. The biggest problems children with Asperger Syndrome face are the lack of aid in adulthood, isolation from other people, and inability to learn in a special education class but are not prepared for a mainstream classroom. These problems need to be addressed immediately, or children with AS will not necessarily be able to get the help they need to connect to the outside world. One of the bigger concerns of parents who have autistic children are getting them prepared for adulthood. It has been found that nearly 40 percent of children with ASD receive little to no speech therapy, case management, mental health services, or other health services after the age of 18 (Fiore, Kristina). These children are left to live with their parents, or even sent off to homes where they are abused daily. People would begin noticing a huge difference in the Autistic/Asperger diagnosed children if they began getting therapy through health organizations and are not cut off from the rest of society. Secondly, isolation is a huge factor in ASD children not being able to advance their knowledge. Many children diagnosed with Asperger’s are smart, but do not know how to socially interact with other people. If given the chance to go out and make friends, and with the help of parents or workers, should be able to learn acceptable social skills to function in society. A big problem is that children with AS can be quite unpredictable or erratic depending on their mood, and they need help understanding the way that others express their emotions to friends and family. Without