Asperger Syndrome and Autism Essay

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What I intend to Investigate, What Types of Autism have been Identified, because I would like to know what types and how many types Scientists have discovered over the years. I know that there are a few different types of Autism, some being diagnosed at ages 1-4 and some being diagnosed at ages such as 10 and up. What I predict to learn is a lot more than I know, such as what different types of autism are there? What are some similarities? Going to help when you can’t understand your child.

I started my search for information for autism by going to the site entitled, Autism Ontario: What types have been identified at From this site I learn that there are a couple different types of Autism that have similar symptoms and that they all occur and start to become more noticeable around the ages 1-4. The most common symptom of Autism between them all is impairment to social interaction. There are a few of the disorders where one would actually lose previously acquired skills. I also learned that Autism is a Spectrum Disorder and a Spectrum disorder is any of a group of disorders each having symptoms that occur on a continuum and certain features that is shared along its spectrum but that manifest in markedly different forms and degrees.

Then I went to the site entitled what is Asperger Syndrome? At this address I was shocked to learn on this site that there is an estimated 70,000 People in Ontario alone with ASD (Asperger Syndrome). The ongoing research team for ASD has though that as many as 1 in 165 People have some form of an ASD. Although ASD can be found in Children, There are many people who haven’t been diagnosed with the Syndrome until Teenage years or even adulthood. Traits make is very hard for kids to operate well in school and for adults to have jobs; there are a ton of people with ASD that can accomplish so much in life with their vast knowledge of specific interests. The treatments for people with ASD can include Counselling, Social skills training, medication, family intervention, special diets and occupational therapy. The Cause for this Syndrome is still not to be found but a theory points towards genetics causes. Lots of people with ASD have similar traits in their family. The final site I went to is entitled Coping and Support at this address and what I found on this website was quite interesting. Raising a Child with autism can be mentally, physically and emotionally tiring. Especially when your child may have behavior issues or communication/ social issues and wouldn’t want to talk to you about their problems. It can get quite frustrating and difficult to be a parent. It is also hard on the child when it comes to having this syndrome, him or her having minimal social/ communication skills, maybe having behavior problems, weather it’s making friends, repeating something like finger tapping or rocking, or they can’t have or create an ongoing conversation. It could be very hard on a family, that’s when you could look for support.

My research is most like the movie ‘Rain Man’ because I think it reflects mostly on Raymond and Charlie Babbitt (characters