Essay about Assasinations: John F. Kennedy

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The assassination of John F Kennedy is one of the most talked about events of recent history. His unexpected murder while driving through Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas shocked the world.

The sudden death in a bright, open public space of the 35th President of the United States John F Kennedy, and the murky circumstances surrounding the assassination and the ensuing investigation, kick started the whole modern conspiracy theory industry. Successive investigations into Kennedy’s death in the US congress, courts, newspapers, books, films, and scientific academies have not settled for the American public at least, the question of who killed JFK. An ABC TV News poll in 2003 showed that just 21% of people believed that it was only Oswald; and the History Channel reported a mere 17%. Four out of every five Americas think there was a bigger conspiracy going on.

Almost everything in relation to the Kennedy killing has been questioned at some point, and only a few hard facts remain undisputed.

The Warren Commission
President Johnson set up a commission to investigate the assignation
Headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Invluded former president Gerald R. Ford; Allen Dulles who was the former director of the CIA; and the father of the CIA, John J. McCloy, a former adviser to president Kennedy.
Delivered its verdict (warren reoort) in September 1964. Named Lee Harvey Oswald as the killer and had acted alone. He shot Kennedy from the 6th window of the Texas School Book Depositary, where a rifle was found which bore his hand prints. Oswald fired three shots in the space of 4.5 – 7 secods. The first passed through kennedy and into kennedy; the second hit Kennedys head; the third missed. Oswald espcaped, then killed Tippit. Was shot by Jack Ruby.
Report painted Oswald as a misfit adn a major league one at that. A high school dropout with Marxist learnings, Had been discherged from the Marines and subsequently defected to USSR, was initially…