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Hannah Cox
HST 120-02
April 10, 2013

The JFK Assassination The death of John F. Kennedy was very brutal, and was hard on the American people to watch. There are many facts, and different pieces of evidence that prove how the president actually died. I believe that the death JFK, one of our greatest presidents, was killed by an act of conspiracy. My theory was that the conspiracy purposely and meaningfully killed JFK on November 22, 1963. My first piece of evidence that backs up my theory is that the people in the limousine with Kennedy were in the conspiracy. The driver, whom was a secret agent, along with another secret agent in the passenger seat were the first two people in the limo. Seated behind the driver’s seat was Connallys wife, and governor Connally behind the passenger seat. Then directly behind Connally was President JFK, with his wife to the left of him. The first thing that was controlled by the conspiracy was the people who were in the car with JFK. Accompanying Kennedy was supposed to be his personal physician and military aid; both of which were not in the limo with Kennedy. Walking beside the car were supposed to be two of the important body guards, whom both which were waved off by Connally.
The driver was breaking all the way until Kennedy was shot, as though he was breaking on purpose, to keep the car moving slow enough for the shooter to get a perfect opportunity. When Kennedy was shot the driver and the agent both turned around in their seat to see what happened, and seeing that JFK had been shot, the driver still had his foot on the break until he saw him get hit in the temple; then is when he sped off like he was trained. He was trained to speed away as quickly as possible if anything were to happen, and for his partner the other agent, to throw Kennedy to the ground, jump on top of him and shield him with his own body. Instead, he was turned around in his seat watching president Kennedy die, and never even trying to move out of his seat to shield JFK like he was trained. The driver was never questioned on why he didn’t do what he was trained.
The second reason I think it was a conspiracy, when the official story of what happened came out, the government blacked out those stories immediately. Then all of the sudden the word “Slumped” was used all over the press when the new stories came out. When Governor Connally was on his dead bed, the press questioned him on what had happened. Connally explained that first Kennedy was shot in the back, then he himself was shot in the arm, and then the third shot to JFKs head caused president to appear “slumped”. Connally was then questioned again at a different time and his story had changed. Instead of the president appearing slumped after the third shot, which was to the head, he now appeared slumped after the first shot to the back. Then Connally explain how he was hit. The first shot missed, so it wasn’t possible that the first bullet hit both because then Connally wouldn’t have seen president get hit first, if they were hit at the same time. H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, former Nixon chief of staff:
"After Kennedy was killed, the CIA launched a fantastic cover-up. Many of the facts about Oswald unavoidably pointed to a Cuban connection.....In a chilling parallel to their cover-up at Watergate; the CIA literally erased any connection between Kennedy's assassination and the CIA."
By law, if someone is killed in a certain state, the autopsy and the murder investigation are both supposed to be taken in the place of the murder. Kennedy was in Texas when he was shot, but instead of his body being left in Texas, secret service came and stole the body straight away. He was flown straight to Washington, D.C.; his body was taken straight to Bethesda. The president’s body was immediately wrapped in blankets and placed in a casket. So why was his body flown away as soon as the murder happened and why was there no autopsy taken in the state of Texas, which is by law.