Assesing the Effectiveness of Computerized Accounting System Essay examples

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The study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of computerized accounting systems in organizations (the general objective of the study). It employed a case study design and Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs was chosen as the case of the study. Various literatures were consulted to get the theoretical and empirical thoughts of stupendous authors about the topic under study to help the researcher craft and refine her methodology.

Questionnaires, documentation and interviews were the key methods of data collection. The researcher used a sample of 30 respondents from MoFEA’s Management and Staff to collect data because it was expensive both in terms of time and resources to collect data from every employee of the ministry.
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1.2.2 Specific Objectives
The following specific objectives were pursued:
• To find out whether computerized accounting systems are effective.
• To assess the impacts brought about by the use of computerized accounting systems in organizations.
• To examine the factors that hinder effective implementation of computerized accounting systems in organizations; and
• To suggest ways that can be used to overcome obstacles in the adoption of computerized accounting system.

1.3 Problem Definition
Every business has numerous processes, some simple, others complex and cumbersome, but as the business grows, acquires new customers, enters new markets and keeps pace with constant changes in statutory regulations, the company will need to maintain highly accurate and up-to-date accounting, inventory and statutory records. Keeping accurate accounting record is a vital part of managing an organization. Apart from helping to keep it afloat financially and legally, it is also a requirement of funding bodies. In most of the public organizations in Tanzania it is common to hear that the organizations are experiencing some problems in their operations since most of them have not adopted full utilization of computer technology. Some are running into financial problems, poor means of storing and